Supporting Multimodal Projects

How can libraries/academic publishers support scholars doing multi-modal projects (things that can't be published on paper)?

  • peer review
  • editing support
  • open access
  • tenure

Examples of projects, ideas for standards, discussion of what scholars (particularly DH scholars) need from publishers

Also video publishing:

  • Have you done it?
  • Expertise: the folks with knowledge in a field are unlikely to aslo be able to make a film about it
  • Workflows: how do you keep it from being too infleible?
  • Presentation:
    • chapters?
    • closed captions?
    • viewer annotations?

Acronyms: should we use different criteria

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About Alissa Jones Nelson

I have a PhD in religion and politics from the University of St. Andrews. My research interests lie in hermeneutics and the intersections of politics, gender, and religious texts and practices. I'm currently living in Boston and working as the Acquisitions Editor for Religious Studies at De Gruyter Press, where I get paid to come up with project ideas, read interesting proposals, and take authors out for meals. I love my job. I don't love Boston.