Association of American University Presses The AAUP is an organization of nonprofit publishers whose members strive to advance scholarship through their offerings. The Association’s mission is to assist its members through professional education, cooperative services, and public advocacy. We educate by offering training programs and workshops, by holding specialized and general annual meetings, and by aggregating and distributing industry information. Our cooperative services expand our members’ reach and efficiency. We advocate by promoting the value of university presses both within and outside the university community and by acting as our members’ collective voice on matters of free speech, academic freedom, copyright, and other core issues.

Microsoft Research
Microsoft Research has been a generous donor since 2009 in support of THATCamp Pacific Northwest. THATCamp Pacific Northwest was one of the earlier THATCamps, and it continues to be held every year, usually at the University of Washington in Seattle. Beginning in 2011, MS Research has provided more than $10,000 in support: $1,000 for THATCamp CHNM 2012, $500 apiece for many other THATCamps, and the very welcome in-kind donation of a great many lanyards. MS Research has supported the work of Internet ethnographer and privacy scholar danah boyd, has produced such useful open source tools for the humanities as ChronoZoom, and has organized an annual Faculty Summit for the express purpose of bringing academic researchers and educators together with Microsoft’s computer scientists and engineers. We’re proud to be associated with them. Special thanks are due to Donald Brinkman, program manager for the Digital Humanities at MS Research, whose vision made this happen.

PressForwardThe Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University created PressForward to explore and produce the best means for collecting, screening, and drawing attention to the vast expanse of scholarship that is currently decentralized across the web or does not fit into traditional genres such as the journal article or the monograph. The web beyond academia has had to develop mechanisms for filtering for quantity, on sites such as Techmeme and The Browser; the academy has honed a set of methods of filtering for quality, through peer review. PressForward aims to marry these old and new methods to expose and disseminate the very best in online scholarship.

SimmonsSimmons is a highly respected small university located in Boston with a cherished history of visionary thinking and social responsibility. Its Graduate School of Library and Information Science is a national top-ten LIS program.