Networked Books

What are they?

Are they a good thing?

Are they inevitable?

Who wants them?

mutlimodal, Open Access, etc.

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About Michael Fisher

I grew up in Queens NYC. I studied FORTRAN when I was 16 but found the experience so frustrating that I never tried to learn a computer language again. I left Queens (and NYC) to attend college and have never lived in either place again (Philadelphia, Camden NJ, Baltimore, Acton MA instead). I majored in history as an undergrad and have an M.A. in communications, working with 8mm film and videoTAPE. I have worked in publishing for 35 years, 20 of them at Harvard University Press, acquiring books in science and medicine, the rest at academic and medical publishers in Philadelphia and Baltimore. My first job in publishing was working with IBM typeballs to change fonts, and using mag-CARDS for memory. And now I'm a PC guy (currently located on a DELL Latitude). My iPad is my first Apple machine *ever.* I read the Steve Jobs biography last year and decided I had been worshipping in the wrong church my entire adult life. Even though most of my career in publishing is behind me, I am intensely interested in publishing's future (if not the planet's). It appears that technology is determining that future, and the humanities need to stake a bigger claim, which makes me intensely interested in THATCamp. I haven't read enough by Carr or the other guy to have an opinion. Had never heard of Galaga until I came across it here.