Get Ready for THATCamp Publishing!

We are a month away from THATCamp Publishing and applications are continuing to roll in — especially since the word is out that we have both free registration and free food!

Once your registration is confirmed then start thinking about what you’d like to talk about. Since this is an unconference, attendees will propose and determine all the sessions (see our About Page for more on unconferences).

Session proposals will be posted on this site over the next few weeks and you can second or extend an idea in the comments. We will finalize the schedule in person first thing in the morning on June 19.

What should you propose? You might start by thinking about a professional problem you are having related to publishing and pose a session to get help with that problem. And if you have a new idea or see a big opportunity, then propose a topic of conversation to find colleagues and collaborators.

At the 2011 THATCamp Publishing we talked about the big picture, like the Digital Future of the Heavily Illustrated Book and what would you need if you found yourself on a desert island and needed to start a scholarly press? We didn’t ignore the details, though, with sessions such as what’s your digital text workflow?

Take a look at our Proposing a Session page for instructions and then start a conversation. What do you want to talk about?

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THATCamp Publishing Basics

THATCamp Publishing is an opportunity for the publishing community to discuss the practice and trajectory of scholarly communication. Both publishers and readers face the challenges of balancing print and digital methods of development, dissemination, and consumption. Everyone is experimenting new tools, structures, and services. Let’s get together to ask questions, discuss new approaches, share experiences, create new resources, and build a community network across trade, university, library, and institutional publishing.

THATCamp Publishing will take place on June 19 at Simmons College. Registration, breakfast, and lunch are all free thanks to our sponsors. Visit the Register page to sign up!

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Registration is open for THATCamp Publishing, to be held at Simmons

Thanks to the Bethany Fair of the Simmons Library and Information Science program, we’ve gotten space to hold THATCamp Publishing at Simmons College on Wednesday, June 19, not far from the site of the Association of American University Press annual meeting that begins the next day. We have therefore opened registration, and we hope to see you there!

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We’re planning another THATCamp Publishing

We are currently seeking space in Boston to hold a second THATCamp Publishing, this time in conjunction with the AAUP annual meeting. See for records of the first THATCamp Publishing.

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