Collaborative scholarly publishing initiatives

I'd love to get together and discuss models for collaborative scholarly publishing initiatives, like those that have been established at places like Michigan, Indiana, and Penn State. How are such collaborations structured? How do these collaborations change the nature of work that the participants (e.g., press staff, librarians) do? How do these collaborations change the missions of the involved organizations? What type of infrastructure is necessary to go the way of collaboration for publishing endeavors at a specific university? How do you rally support for such an initiative? How are tech assets roped in and funded? 

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About Julia Oestreich

I'm a PhD in History and the Senior Editor of the University of Delaware Press. I'm housed in my university library and would like to figure out more ways I can promote collaboration to my press's and my library colleagues' benefit. I'll be in town for AAUP and I'd really like to get together with like-minded individuals to discuss more collaborative efforts between university presses, libraries, and other university institutions to create publishing endeavors that help to strengthen the long-term viability of all stakeholders and allow those stakeholders to carry out their missions more effectively in an increasingly digitally focused environment. I'm interested in working with anyone from tech geeks to librarians to trade publishing professionals--anyone who wants to join the party!