Aggregating and Curating Scholarship on the Open Web: The Why and How (Talk and Play Session)

Aggregating and curating scholarship from, or on, the open web. Is it possible? Why should we do it? And how? Let's get together to discuss and play with this approach to publishing.

Aggregating and curating web content can be a way to identify new projects for formal publication, distribute work related to your own area of expertise, or share important information within a community. We can talk about the why, and then move on to the how. What is the range of sources and various models? What tools are available?

For the play component, I can demonstrate and provide access to a sandbox with our new PressForward plugin ( , which offers an RSS Reader, collaborative editorial tools, and the ability to republish from within a WordPress dashboard. And if there's interest and time, we can choose some RSS feeds and new content in order to create our own curated publication during the session.

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About joanftroyano

I'm currently directing the PressForward project at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. I run the experimental publications Digital Humanities Now and the Journal of Digital Humanities, research new methods and best practices for surfacing scholarship from the open web, oversee the development of a WordPress plugin to facilitate aggregation and curation of gray literature, and assist others with similar projects. I'm also an American historian interested in visual culture, public understandings of the past, and public history.