THATCamp Publishing Basics

THATCamp Publishing is an opportunity for the publishing community to discuss the practice and trajectory of scholarly communication. Both publishers and readers face the challenges of balancing print and digital methods of development, dissemination, and consumption. Everyone is experimenting new tools, structures, and services. Let’s get together to ask questions, discuss new approaches, share experiences, create new resources, and build a community network across trade, university, library, and institutional publishing.

THATCamp Publishing will take place on June 19 at Simmons College. Registration, breakfast, and lunch are all free thanks to our sponsors. Visit the Register page to sign up!

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About joanftroyano

I'm currently directing the PressForward project at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media. I run the experimental publications Digital Humanities Now and the Journal of Digital Humanities, research new methods and best practices for surfacing scholarship from the open web, oversee the development of a WordPress plugin to facilitate aggregation and curation of gray literature, and assist others with similar projects. I'm also an American historian interested in visual culture, public understandings of the past, and public history.